the state of being equal...

A subject that I have never understood why it exists in the first place, all of us humans man, woman, white, black, gay, straight, religious, atheist; you get the point.  We are all human, Ill let you take the time to look up that definition.  In short, we all come from the same place, we have a brain, a heart, blood running through our veins, we know what love feels like, we know what hate feels like, etc.  As I am sitting here typing I am no different than any of you reading this, in the fact that we are all equal human beings and function the same! 


I was asked to create an editorial based on inspiration, what inspires me. Its you!!! People fascinate me!  While I was shooting this project I couldn’t stop smiling on how well two complete strangers got a long, especially once a physical connection was made, through leaning on each other, hugging, holding hands, whatever it was, it immediately broke down any barriers of being strangers and immediately became one in creating a mood or acting the part to get an amazing image! 



I love how we are all cut from the same cloth yet can be such an individual and think and create for ourselves and put anything in to motion that we set our minds to! Case in point, we ALL have the same mental capacity to be what we want to be, do what we want to do, say what we want to say.  Lets keep our differences amongst each other to being an individual in your own right, not because the color of your skin, what god you believe in, how you were raised, etc, instead Be the artist you aspire to be, play the kind of music you want to play, save the part of the planet you want to save, protect the justice system and our rights to a free country, but do it based on the notion that you are a human just like the rest of us but that you used your mind as an individual to be and do what you want, that’s your chance to be different, an individual based on your talents and mental capacity alone…

Thanks!  No everyone go love some already!  

20130816_charlie_1271 copy.jpg

A huge thanks to my amazing team for making this happen, hours of planning, casting people (no models here folks, except for one!), and one super long shoot day with several lighting scenarios!  Thank you Dalia, Camy, Ashley, Jenny, Chayce and Landon!  I love you guys!